Nancy and I are very pleased that you were referred to us when we were in the process of relocating from the United States to the South Surrey area.

Your knowledge of the housing market, combined with your immediate understanding of our needs enabled us to identify, and reach a purchase agreement for the right townhome for us in less than 3 days.

Every townhome you showed us met all of our specifications, and the one we chose offered even more than we had anticipated, thanks to your diligent research and your no nonsense approach to helping us close the purchase.

Nancy and I have nothing but good things to say about your skills, competence and commitment to your clients as a trustworthy and caring realtor.

You can always count on us for an excellent reference.

Thank you for helping us to start our wonderful new life in Canada.

Fred Palidor and Nancy Taylor

PALIDOR Radio Communications Consultants

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca this past summer, and I must say that Rebecca is so much more than just an agent; she is a business partner! We were originally introduced to Rebecca when we ran into her hosting an open house in Ocean Park. We had great conversations and immediately took note of her vast knowledge of the South Surrey area. She is experienced, has seen the ups-and-downs in the market, and has a ridiculous memory when it comes to recollecting information on areas, demographics, developments, developers, and pricing.
During our search she was extremely thorough, always took our thoughts and wish lists into consideration when providing recommendations, but would also kindly suggest alternatives to keep our options fresh and open. Our availability was often restricted, but Rebecca is extremely connected and would often leverage her network to arrange after hours showing and make herself available as much as possible.
Rebecca’s passion for her work is exuded through her charismatic and energetic M.O. which is followed through to the very last detail. Her work did not end with the acceptance of an offer. She worked closely with us to understand all documents, reviewed Strata minutes and covenants, printed and collated a complete binder with all relevant documents to have in one place. She recommended lawyers and inspectors, and even offered moving tubs.
Most notably, we never felt pressured to place an offer that we weren’t 100% confident with. Rebecca was really good at providing comps and explaining the logic behind exceptions to the rules. She would confidently make bidding and negotiation suggestions (if requested), but would not hesitate in letting you know if there was a ceiling that should probably be avoided. Her objective, which became very clear to us, was that she wanted to make sure we found our new home and we loved it, and she would not stop until that dream became a reality.

Peter Hraczky

Strategic Financial Planning Analyst